Sunnybank Multicultural Gallery

We are excited to announce the recent opening of the Sunnybank Multicultural Gallery! The Gallery is an initiative of Sunnybank Plaza, brought to you in partnership with World Arts & Multiculture Inc.
We have some wonderful exhibitions planned for the coming months, launching with a three part series about Taiwan and the Indigenous people of the Paiwan Culture. We invite you to enjoy this opportunity for increased cultural understanding and awareness, while taking in the magnificent artwork and artifacts✨. We look forward to working with local artists, community groups, schools and the team from the Brisbane Portrait Prize later in the year.
📍The Gallery is located near Formosa Asian Market and the Post Office at Sunnybank Plaza, and will be open from Wednesday to Sunday, 11am until 3pm daily.
For more information and updates about current and future exhibitions, please follow Sunnybank Multicultural Gallery on Facebook.